In addition to Takatonic, my own group, I play in Savonlinna Big Band and ESA Jazz Orchestra. At the moment I'm sponsored by Finnish Cultural Foundation to compose new repertoire for ESA Jazz Orchestra. 

ESA Jazz Orchestra is a Finnish jazz orchestra that I founded in the province of South Savo in 2010, and it consists of nine Finnish musicians, all of whom have some kind of connection with the province. The operational purpose of the orchestra is to revive and maintain co-operation between jazz musicians and thus create permanent jazz orchestra activity in the province, enriching the whole cultural life of South Savo. In addition to regular concerts, an integral part of the orchestra’s activities is education and instruction, with the purpose of improving particularly young people’s general knowledge of jazz music. We hope to increase interest also in wind instruments, which are nowadays less popular among young people choosing their instruments.

I also belong to a local jazz society called Olavin Jazz . It organizes jazz gigs and jam sessions in the city of Savonlinna.